Member Centered Care

...Come Stay with your P.A.L.S. 

It all starts with staffing. Pinnacle staff are, at their core, professional, courteous and helpful people with a calling to help. Since Pinnacle works with a wide variety of clientele our staff have "been there/done that" with most situations. Whether your need is medical or psychological, P.A.L.S. has you covered!

Every individual is unique, and every care plan should be as well.  P.A.L.S. process begins with the individual and their needs.  Once these factors are evaluated an Individual Service Plan is created (with the client's input) which is as unique as the individual it deals with, using as much, or as little of our staff's assistance as deemed appropriate.

Experienced Caregivers
Working with any population holds its own challenges, but we have found the key to success is compassion! Our guiding corporate mission is to offer every resident the opportunity to live their best life, regardless of limitations. Weekly activities are catered to the clients' abilities and needs, creating fulfilling social events at any level of participation! 

"We human beings are all fundamentally the same.  We all belong to a common, broken humanity.  We all have wounded, vulnerable hearts.  Each one of us needs to feel appreciated and understood;  we all need help."

                                                                                                                                                                                                          -Jean Vanier

Safe, Secure Living with a Friendly Approach

Compassionate Approach